"We asked for a banquet and your choices were superb!!
You are sure to be our favourite Thai restaurant"
Sara, Feb 10

"Love it, beautiful venue. Very relaxing"
Sasha, Aug 09

"Lovely service, great food, fantastic staff"
Belinda, Nov 09

"Waiting staff exceptional. Food fantastic"
Simon, Aug 09

"Great for all ages. Full of flavour. Perfect"
Andrew, Feb 10

"Dinner experience very good. Food excellent.
Presentation first class. Service very good"
Steve, Dec 09

"10/10 Beautiful! "
Renee, Aug 09

" Delicious food, wonderful service and a lovely restaurant & ambience.
The best Thai meal I've ever had. Thank you"
Chris, Nov 09

"Absolutely wonderful. I have had a lot of Thai meals.
This was the best. I'm so glad you are close to home"
Lyrinda, Nov 09

"Was really good. The flavoured 'danced' in my mouth"
Lou, Dec 09

"Fantastic dining experience. The food was amazing,perfectly spiced.
The service was also great"
Nicki, Jan 10

"Great authentic Thai food & great service.
We will definitely be coming back"
Sophie, Feb 10

"Delicious food and great friendly service"
Simon, Jan 10

"Wonderful food & good value for money. We will be back "
Lucky, July 09

"Love the food. Been twice in 3 weeks. Excellent service"
Elise, Aug 09

"Very enjoyable meal. Will definitely return"
Lina, Dec 10

"Fantastic fresh tastes & textures - Excellent"
Stephen, Sep 09

" We love the food here and the service is very friendly and attentive. Excellent!!"
Dale, Jan 10

"It was a wonderful dinner, the flavours were amazing and
the service was very good"
Kristin, Dec 09

"Food, service, decor and atmosphere are all perfect.
A great night out. Thank you"
Ian, Dec 10

"Very attentive service and explosively tasty food"
Stephanie, Jan 10

"Excellent quality food, delicious flavours"
Doreen, July 09





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