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Stir Fries

Ka Nah Moo Grob* 20
Twice cooked pork belly slices stir fried with Chinese broccoli and chilli-garlic paste

Bla Pad Khing* 21
Rockling fillets, fresh ginger julienne, mushroom, broccoli, spring onion and carrot sautéed with oyster sauce and fish sauce

Kraprow Neua 18
Tender beef stir-fried with Thai basil, garlic, chilli, snake beans, capsicum and onion

Talay Pad Char 26
King prawns and fresh calamari wok tossed with wild ginger, baby corn, young peppercorn, carrot, snake beans, zuchini, chilli and Thai basil

Gai Hong Tae 19
Lightly battered chicken wok tossed in roasted chilli paste with cashew nuts, spring onion, onion and broccoli

Pad Talay 24
Prawns and Rockling fillets wok tossed with mango, pears, red chilli paste, spring onion and Thai basil


* can be prepared for vegetarian


"It was a wonderful dinner,
the flavours were amazing
and the service was
very good"

Kristin, Dec 09